Cooper Moores, LLC



Regulatory advocacy 

With a focus on environmental regulation, CMLLC has a track record of working with Maryland and federal regulators to reach the right solution. From permit negotiation to defense against an enforcement action, CMLLC knows how to get the results you need.


Permit compliance management

If your facility is having trouble meeting the conditions of an environmental permit, let CMLLC design a permit compliance program to help you avoid notices of violation. 


Integrated planning

CMLLC uses our experience with a multi-million-dollar capital program to help you set objective criteria to properly plan your capital needs and scheduling. Though the basis of the concept comes from Clean Water Act compliance, the integrated planning principles can be applied to any program. If you’re investing money in projects, no program is too small for holistic planning. 


Government affairs & administrative law

If you’re drowning in red tape with the state, county, or city, CMLLC can help. We speak fluent bureaucrat and know how to follow up to get results.


Zoning & land use

CMLLC can help developers having trouble with Transform Baltimore, issues with neighboring property owners, stormwater management requirements, and more.


Research & report writing

If your organization is getting stuck in the weeds on a policy question, let CMLLC do the heavy lifting. We will provide comprehensive research laid out in a clear, well-written report to help you reach the best solution.


FOIA/Public Information Act requests

CMLLC will craft requests that get answered and hold government agencies accountable for meeting response deadlines.


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